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C is for Compliance:

In the real world, it’s risky to take chances with your finances. Here, in the safety of the CPAGame, you get to “roll the financial dice” and see what happens when you Change various aspects of your life. You will quickly discover if your current path is the one you want to stay on through retirement. If not, make an appointment with Steve Goldflam to begin a conversation that will change your life. Steve’s Financial Coaching will help you discover new paths or open doors you may have never considered before. 

P is for Planning:

Whatever path(s) you choose, Steve will guide you through exploring Possibilities for wealth and growth in a safe, supportive way. A step-by-step action Plan will be drawn up so you can confidently turn those Possibilities into realities at your own pace. Coach Steve will be there with you every step of the way.

A is for Accountability:

Your ongoing plan will include building Assets, eliminating debt, managing the wealth you already have, and living a life of Abundance. This is not just financial Abundance, but rather emotional and spiritual as well. When you stick with the CPAGame, you will live a joyful and exciting life now as well as in retirement.

To open a conversation about the CPAGame and find out how to start creating possibility and abundance in your life, make an appointment with Steve online today or call 215-695-0108.


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