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These folks got individualized Financial Coaching from Steve Goldflam.

Itís never too late to start! 
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As you read their stories (some are still ongoing), know that itís possible that your experiences of building assets and abundance may appear here to be read by others some day soon.
Anastasi Seafood Restaurant

Anastasi Seafood is a long-established family business that wanted to expand. They explored the CPAGame by having a conversation with Steve Goldflam about growing into a much larger restaurant from their current location. They decided that getting financing from a bank was the best possibility for growth. Steve, who already prepared their yearly tax returns and handled their payroll, asked the family to provide a few more key pieces of information. The Anastasiís went back to doing what they do best, feeding delicious meals to people in Center City Philadelphia. And Steve wrote a very strong business plan. That was five years ago. The expansion is complete and Anastasi Seafood is a thriving, abundant business.

Divorcee Seeking Her Place In The World

A Divorcee had a small settlement sum that she wanted to use to create a better life, but she had no idea what she wanted to do or be. She had little work experience. So she engaged in the CPAGame, commencing with a conversation with Steve Goldflam, Financial Coach. Three possibilities for work were discovered. Her 3-month action plan includes a list of people to contact, career information to gather, and interviews to set up. Stay tuned for progress updates.

 Raw Foods Home Delivery

After doing taxes for an ex-restaurant owner, Steve asked him what he saw as future possibilities. And the conversation began. A plan was set up to prepare raw foods for home delivery. A menu is circulated every Sunday so folks can choose food for the entire week and place their orders. The Raw Foods Delivery Service is successful as it offers not only its owner a life of abundance, but his healthy customers as well. Itís time to move his business to the next level of possibility and abundance. As soon as he gets a moment, we are going to begin a new conversation and round #2 of Financial Coaching.

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